Gyro International  District VI


District VI Betterment Fund


The funds in the District VI Betterment Fund are to be used for the sole purpose of increasing and maintaining the membership of District VI.

As an incentive for our members to become more involved in the recruitment of new members and to defray some of the initial costs of bringing new members into the Organization, the District will reimburse the club the amount of $40.00 for each new member installed since June,2005.


The New Membership Development Award requires the sponsor of each new member to receive a ticket to be entered in the draw, please include the sponsor's name on this form.



Gyro Club :_________________________________________   


New Member :_______________________________________


Sponsor(s) :_________________________________________


Date of Installation :__________________________________


Installing Officer :___________________________________



Submit this completed form to the Governor or Secretary/Treasurer


Approved for Payment ___________   Date  ____________


Cheque # ___________  Date ________________