Membership Development SPONSOR Awards

The District will continue the current practice of awarding $40.00 to a Club for each new member installed during the District VI year from

June 1st to May 31st.

But to more personally single out the individuals who are making things happen in the District; the District will reward individual members, as follows:

1. The Gyro who sponsors the most new members during the year will have his registration fee for the District Convention reimbursed. 

2. Gyros will receive one ticket for each new member sponsored during the year. A draw will be held at a meeting of the District Executive to determine the winner. The winner of the draw will also

    have his registration fee for the District Convention reimbursed.


   Even if you are not the leading new member sponsor, by bringing in just one new member you still have a chance to have your District Convention registration fee reimbursed.

   The more new members you sponsor, the more tickets you will receive, and the better your chance of winning.

Rules that apply to these Awards :


The leader who wins under # 1 above will not be eligible to participate in the draw.


The Registration Fee Reimbursement is not transferable.                  


If not used to attend the District Convention, the credit will be forfeited and returned to the District Betterment Account.


In the event of a tie under #1, total new members sponsored since becoming a Gyro will be the tie-breaker; the runner-up will be eligible to participate in the draw.